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DOB: September 4, 1999
SIRE: Harbourlights Salty Dog
DAM: Harbourlights Cinniman Twist

Keeper is a solid girl from The “B” Litter and has beautiful white markings, stands 16” and weighs 36lb. Her enthusiasm, intense retrieving instinct and quick learning ability far outweigh her small size.

Keeper is working towards her CD. At the Truro CKC Obedience Trials in October 2001, Keeper and her 14 year old handler, Melissa, qualified both days with scores of 180.5 and 187. This was the first time in an Obedience Trial for both Keeper and Melissa. What a great team the two of them make!

Once Keeper has completed her CD and her hips and eyes have been cleared she will become a part of Redland’s breeding program.


DOB: February 19, 2001
SIRE: Harbourlights Nifty Duke
DAM: Harbourlights Tawny Two

Robin came to us from Kare Kennels in April 2001. She was one of two females in the only Duke/Tawny breeding and thus she adds another “branch” to the future Redland breeding program by providing another Harbourlights line to which we will breed Salty.

Robin has inherited the wonderful mellow temperament of her dam, Tawny, and the enthusiasm for retrieving of her sire, Duke. She has had basic puppy classes and is now attending pre-novice obedience classes. 


DOB: April 9, 2001
SIRE: Harbourlights Nifty Duke
DAM: Harbourlights Cinniman Twist

Ginger is the youngest of the Redland Girls, and a really smart little one. She is from The “E” Litter. At the tender age of 4 weeks she learned to climb the baby gate at the entrance to the puppy room and leave her littermates behind. She loves to explore and fences don’t seem to stop her. She just climbs over to see what’s on the other side. Ginger is a quick study and will do well in basic puppy obedience classes.

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