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Harbourlights Dogs 1988 to 1999
With many thanks to Avery and Erna Nickerson for
allowing us to photograph their dogs

Harbourlights Scotia Boy
DOB: June 16, 1977
SIRE: Chin-Peek Golden Lucky
DAM: Harbourlights Foxy Nisku


Harbourlights Ala Gatter
DOB: July 7, 1985
SIRE: Harbourlights Scotia Boy
DAM: Harbourlights Red Kali


Harbourlight Big Splash
DOB: February 16, 1988
SIRE: Boo-Evil of Harbourlights
DAM: Harbourlights Foxy Tawny

Over the years Avery Nickerson had a number of special stud dogs. Scotia Boy and Gatter were two of his favourites. A few months before Erna Nickerson died she gave me the photo of Scotia Boy seen to the left. It is a picture that I will always treasure.

Each summer the highlight of our visit to Harbourlights Kennels was always to see Gatter. He was your very typical energetic Toller and Avery always took pleasure in letting Gatter demonstrate his Toller energy by retrieving sticks and bumpers from the ponds in front of their home.  Gatter became Avery’s hunting favourite as Scotia Boy became older. And after Avery’s death in 1992, Gatter and Big Splash alternated weeks as Erna’s house companion. Our first Toller, Swish is a Gatter pup and thus Gatter has a very special place in our memory books.

We first met Splash in the summer of 1988 when we visited the Nickerson’s prior to getting our first Toller, Swish. I remember him well as he and a littermate were being energetic 8 month old pups and kept stealing tools from the work shop bench and running about with their new found toys much to our amusement and Avery’s consternation.

In 1993 when we purchased our first stud dog from Erna, we were indeed thrilled to find out that the sire of our new pup, Salty, was Big Splash. Salty inherited the Toller energy of Splash as well as the Toller mischievous. Salty is the kitchen counter surfer par excellent and I understand from some of the owners of Salty’s offspring that he has passed this characteristic on. Splash has also passed on his gorgeous red coat to Salty and he in turn keeps passing it on to his offspring. We really feel blessed to have such a wonderful descendent of Big Splash and I am reminded each day of Splash as I work and play with Salty. Thank you, Erna, for selecting Salty for us as our first stud dog. 

Rip was the only pup in Tawny Two’s first litter and Erna kept him for her breeding program. We first saw him as an 8 month old pup and he definitely had an abundance of energy as indicated in the picture above/right. At that time we did not know that he would be the sire of our first brood bitch, Twister. When Harbourlights was dissolved in 1999, The Dunns arranged for Rip to go to a breeder in the USA. 

Duke was also born in early 1995 and was kept by Erna as a stud dog as she did not have a male offspring of Gatter. Duke was one of the dogs that Pam & Derek Dunn kept when they took over the breeding stock of Harbourlights in 1999.

Foggy is a Duke pup and came to Redland Kennels after the dissolution of Harbourlights. He has fully recovered from his very difficult first two years and is now a well adjusted fun-loving and mellow Toller. 

Harbourlights Rip An Tare
DOB: February 26, 1995
SIRE: Harbourlights Big Mac
DAM: Harbourlights Tawny Two


Harbourlight Nifty Duke
DOB: January 23, 1995
SIRE: Harbourlights Ala Gatter
DAM: Harbourlights Tricky Nicky



Harbourlights Scotia Fog
DOB: June 26, 1997
AIRE: Harbourlights Nifty Duke
DAM: Harbourlights Novas Image

Tribute to Harbourlights cont'd

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